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अप्रैल 21,2017 03:30 PM / Posted by Paltalk

Recently, some of our members in the United Arab Emirates have encountered problems connecting to Paltalk. Here's what you can do.

अप्रैल 12,2017 06:00 PM / Posted by Julia

As a tool of connection, video chat has no equal. It is immediate, aural, and visual — qualities that liken it to face-to-face interaction, a strong recommendation to our social natures. Unlike audio and text chat, video chat demonstrates our conversational partner’s physical existence, independent of their physical presence. We look them in the two-dimensional electronic representation of an eye and know that, somewhere in the world, they exist.

That is a truly modern experience.

अप्रैल 12,2017 11:30 AM / Posted by Julia

Well, here we are.  Game of Thrones is nearly back to rip out our guts, put them in a heap, light them on fire, dance in the flames, and go. Surprisingly, this process Season 6 was relatively painless. Still, it’s a rough life in Westeros, what with the backstabbing and the death and the inefficient communication systems, so we thought we’d take a stab at improving at least one of those. Here’s how things would be different if Westeros had video chat.

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