How To Find Your Soulmate Through Video Chatting Portals?

Video Chat RoomCOVID-19 has plagued everyone’s lives in different ways, with stay-at-home, work-from-home and social distancing becoming the normal way of life. With such severe restrictions in place, it has become increasingly difficult to step out to socialize. As a result, video chatting portals have seen a huge upsurge as they are the closest way to feel a real connection with the outside world.

Be it for gaming, connecting with families and friends, or finding a date; these online video chatting portals are your new best friends. People are making a beeline towards them, trying to find the best app to suit their needs.

People have taken to online dating in a big way in the last year. Many online video chatting portals like Paltalk have become great mediums to find like-minded people to engage with in a meaningful connection. These portals offer innovative ways to interact with people and take away from the cliche of quintessential dating. Read on to find out more about what is luring people to this virtual form of dating and how you can find your soulmate through this digital medium.

Benefits of online dating

Even before the pandemic hit the world, people had started to become acquainted with the idea of online dating, with many virtual dating websites and apps being a raging hit. Though in the last year, with social distancing becoming a norm, these sites have witnessed a huge surge. Online dating is a convenient way to meet new people without having to spend too much. Here are some reasons that make it so popular-

1. Ease into dating

A lot of people are introverts by nature and find it challenging to meet a complete stranger face-to-face. With online dating, this is a non-issue since you meet the person only through a call, text or video chat. You can ease into the interaction slowly by first only texting each other. When the initial awkwardness and hesitation is at bay, you can graduate to audio calls and video calls.

In fact, video chatting portals like Paltalk make it even easier to break the ice. For instance, you can send virtual gifts, share emojis, share your favorite music videos and other files; giving you more topics to speak about and also understand each other’s likes and dislikes.

2. High-Security

Regular dating means meeting a stranger face-to-face in a pre-decided place. This could be a great thing if the person you are meeting is genuine. However, many fraudsters are lurking around in this world who get into the dating arena to find innocent people and take advantage of them. Thus, it could prove to be quite dangerous and at times, life-threatening.

However, with online dating portals, you can decide on the amount of information you would like to share with the person you are dating. In fact, most of the video chatting apps have filters that help you sieve out people.

You can also add your preferences and expectations to your profile so that only like-minded people approach you. This cleans out most of the thrash and helps you find a genuine person. In addition, these apps have stringent security firewalls and privacy settings that safeguard people from fraudsters.

3. Cost-effective

 Dating can be quite an expensive affair, especially if you are meeting multiple people at different times. It involves expenditure on the drive to the place where you plan to meet, footing the food and drinks bill, and other extras, like buying your date a bouquet. All in all, one such evening can make a huge hole in your pocket.

With online dating, all these costs are saved. You can meet multiple people sitting in the comfort of your home without having to spend any money. Guess what, you don’t even have to spend hours deciding on the perfect date attire either. All you need is a good internet connection, a premium subscription and all your attention. Isn’t that a smart way to date?

4. More Options with minimal effort

 In the quintessential format of dating, you needed to rely on friends or family to find somebody who might be interested in dating. These options could be far and few in between. However, with online dating, you have an entire database of people on the dating app who are interested in finding a companion. So without really making an effort, you have a list of probable dates.

Also, all the online dating apps have a better match rate because you can add filters to your search. These filters help you find people who share your likes and dislikes. In addition, while making your profile, you can add your preferences so that only those who match yours will approach. This makes it a more seamless and effortless way of seeking like-minded people. It also makes interactions and conversations easier as you have a lot in common with the person.

5. Innovative ways to interact

 The whole dating scene has changed with people wanting more than just meeting someone and exchanging pleasantries. People are seeking innovative ways to interact and find out more about a person. Online dating apps and video chatting portals offer a lot of novel ways to connect with a person.

For instance, Paltalk, a US-based video chatting portal, has fun video filters and effects that can amp up your look before a date night. Other features, like virtual gifts and stickers; help to break the ice, while making conversations fun and enjoyable. You can also share your favourite music and YouTube videos through Paltalk. Features like this help you to understand each other’s interests better and adds some depth to the conversation.

Checklist to find your soulmate through video chatting apps

1. Safety

The first and the most vital thing while choosing a video chatting portal for dating is to ensure security. The app should have stringent security guidelines, a proper privacy policy and end-to-end encryption. It is best if the app follows Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation or California’s Consumer Privacy Act. All these features make the app secure and put forth many barriers between you and a fraudster.

You must also read all the terms and conditions thoroughly when downloading the app. Be aware of the permissions you give the app; and if you find something amiss, it is best to avoid that app completely.

A good way to check if the app is authentic is through user reviews. They will be able to tell you about the loopholes, if any, you should be aware of. Usually, there is a reviews section within the app itself where you can find comments by users, or else you can do a google search for reviews of the app that you wish to use.

2. Feature-heavy video chatting app

 There are hundreds of video chatting portals available today, often leaving you confused about which one to choose. One way of sifting through the apps is to check out the features. Online dating should begin with casual conversations and fun interactions. It not only helps to break into the relationship but also makes the ride more enjoyable. Thus, look out for dating apps that have different features.

For instance, Paltalk has many fun features that can make interactions exciting and, at the same time, keep the casual quotient high. Check out their video filters that can alter your looks. This not only amps up your style but also adds a fun factor to the conversation. Similarly, you can share emojis and gifts through its virtual gifts section.

Another feature to look out for is being able to add new backgrounds. These backdrops make you feel that you are in a new place and give you some much-needed happy vibes in these trying pandemic times. Many of the apps also have virtual games; which add a casual touch to the dating scene and can also help you understand the other person’s interests.

3. Multi-platform support

 One crucial thing to look out for while shortlisting video chatting apps is if they support different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and more. This will be important if you plan to change your gadget and get a new operating system.

Just imagine going on a few online dates with somebody fun and exciting, but once you switch your operating system, the video chatting app does not support it. All the time and effort you have put in till now will go to waste. So it is best only to use those video chatting portals that support different OS platforms.

4. Multilingual feature

 An excellent feature to check out is if the video chatting portal offers multilingual support. The majority of the apps support only English, but what if you find someone who is not as comfortable in the language but is a great person to hang out with. Would you want to lose out on him/her due to the language barrier? Hence, it is best to look out for apps that support many languages. It is known that love has no language but to initiate the love you do need to be able to express uninhibitedly in the language you are most comfortable with.

5. Easy file sharing

Video chatting portals are a great way to connect with people as they are not only chatting and calling mediums but have many innovative ways to interact, such as sharing audios and videos. Always be on the lookout for chatting platforms that offer you easy file-sharing of audios, videos and pictures. This broadens the scope of conversation and also helps you get to know the person better.

Take, for instance, Paltalk, the popular US-based video chatting portal. It allows users to share YouTube videos, SoundCloud clips, and even pictures. You can exchange these with your date and get to know his/her interests.

6. Anonymity feature

 One thing to look out for, while selecting a video chatting portal for dating is to see if it lets you be anonymous. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to safeguard your identity till you are comfortable. It would be best if you do not share private info upfront and reveal other details like pictures, address and contact number with the person till you know him/her properly.

This feature is crucial as often there are fraudsters impersonating people interested in dating. But in reality, they are waiting to get your details and hack into your account or do inappropriate things. Thus, it is best to be vigilant and not share any information that will make you vulnerable. The anonymity feature in good video chatting portals helps you do that.

Dos and Don’ts once you have the right dating app

Once you have chosen the perfect dating app or video chatting portal based on the above-mentioned guidelines, it is pertinent to know the dos and don’ts of online dating.


I. Look presentable but not overly dressed

II. Have a quiet space with a pleasing

III. Have a good internet connection with proper audio and video

IV. Listen as much as you

V. Make a genuine profile with your interests and expectations.


I. Do not divulge personal details till the time you know the person

II. Do not get into serious and controversial discussions on religion and

III. Do not portray what you are not. Remember if you are fake, it will not be hidden for long.

IV. Do not multitask while chatting with your date as it will give the impression that you are not interested.



In these times of COVID- 19, where it is almost impossible to meet new people and make friends in-person, online dating is sometimes the only, and arguably best, way to form a new connection. It is not only a secure way of searching for a soulmate but also easy on the pocket. All you need is a good internet connection, a smart device and the will to search. So all those seeking love and companionship get on your favourite video chatting dating app and unravel the treasures of online dating. Who knows, you might find your soulmate!